Since the beginning of time, all peoples have honored women and the Sacred Feminine. Although much of this wisdom has been lost in the last 5000 years, the Goddess is re-emerging to restore balance within ourselves and in our relationships with one another and with the Earth.

My hope is that the images and the background material, myths and meditations from my book, The Heart of The Goddess, will help you rediscover the true nature of the Sacred Feminine. The text (with black & white reference images) is available as a PDF download in our store . The color images with music are in the Slideshow Meditation, with nearly 72,000 YouTube views, can be viewed below. The images with names, regions and dates can be found on the Goddesses & Origins page. If this work inspires more questions, or explorations, I also offer Consultations and Classes.

May the Goddesses in the video below help re-awaken your own innate wisdom, compassion and joy.
May we remember our wholeness, that we may heal ourselves and our world. —With love, Hallie

Art, Myth and Meditations of the World's Sacred Feminine